Spring is in the air!

Finally, the better weather is on the way, or so it is suppose to be. Every year around this time I get that “Itch”, as I call it. That is the itch to clean. Freshen and renew, pretty much everything. What can I say, I LOVE spring cleaning!…… I know… I know , I am crazy but just the smell of lemon and hearing the birds makes me want to clean. Along with that I always look for good deals on cleaning products, fresh sheets and anything else that can give that freshly renewed look/scent without breaking the bank. As I plan to venture out this weekend to search for some refresh on a budget, what are spring must have’s on your list? What are you hoping to save money on?

Here are some tips I use to find good deals.

  • use the app http://www.flipp.com/app to compare prices of items you plan to buy
  • Don’t get caught on the word “SALE” not all sales really are the best deal, do your homework
  • make a budget, and stick to it
  • make a plan, know what you want and try to avoid impulse purchases

What are you looking forward to this spring? Leave a comment and let me know.


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