Tooo Much Excitement!

Last night my husband and I went with our 2 children to my parents for a wonderful Easter dinner. That got Riley my 6 year old really pumped up (he got spoiled!) When we came home he was so excited for The Easter Bunny to come that he wanted to go to bed early. (7 Pm!!) and sure enough we let him .


At 2:20 am my husband and I both woke up to our 2 year old daughter yelling “NO, GO AWAY, I TIRED!” This prompted my husband to jump up and run into the room. Riley my 6 year old son was fully dressed awake and trying to get his little sister out of bed to go down stairs and see the Easter bunny. My husband was half asleep and yells ” It’s 2 am!!!!” Riley looks him in the eye and says “well I do not know how to tell time!” LOL

Luckily we were able to get everyone back in bed until about 6 am this morning. (3 cups of coffee later I was ready to function). They had an amazing Easter and were both extremely happy.

Needless to say it will be an early night in our house! Happy Easter and I hope the Easter bunny spoiled you and your family 😉

chloe easter 2015 easter 2015