Loblaws Click and Collect VS Walmart Grocery Pick up

I noticed recently that grocery pick up services seem to be popping up everywhere. I normally am someone who likes to coupon, price match and enjoy the child free time while grocery shopping. However like everyone else in life, things get busy sometimes and a little bit of extra convenience can go a long way.

I decided I would test out both Loblaws Click and Collect and Walmart’s Grocery pick up. This is not a service I would use on a constant basis, however for those crazy busy weekends when family is coming down or we are booked solid this service does work great.

How they work: You go to the website of the service you have chosen: Loblaws Click and Collect or Walmart Grocery Pickup. You would then choose a pickup location and time and are given one hour to complete your order. You then would go thru each section of the store or by using the search bar and you fill your cart with your desired items. Both have a $50 minimum order required. Once completed you confirm the order. Walmart does require payment made in full advance where Loblaws allows you to pay when you pick up.

Loblaws click and collect: 

loblaws loblaws

The Pros: You can pay when you pick up with debit and still earn your PC points. They were faster than Walmart as well. I also liked how they list all flyer deals each week and allow you to ad those to the cart. They also had very brightly labeled parking so it was easy to find and easy to call for the groceries to be brought out to the car. I had ordered something they ran out of and they called me to ask if I want to cancel that product or have it replaced with something similar. I found that to be handy.

The Cons: I had to try to place my order 3 times as the web site kept crashing and emptying my “grocery cart” before I was done. Also the cost. Depending when you pick up they charge between $5-7 Dollars. Walmart charges a flat fee of $3. I also found the available pick up times fill up extremely fast.

Walmart Grocery pick up:


The pros: They only charge $3 for this service no matter when you pick up time is. The website is also extremely user friendly and I had no issues at all using it. I also loved how it is aware of the quantity available and if something is out of stock it tells you before you can order it. At pick up time they also gave me a gift back full of Great Value products and treats to try for using the service. (It had a value of about $25!).

The Cons: When I arrived at my designated pick up time it took me a few moments to locate the grocery pick up parking spaces and it took about another 10 minutes to have my groceries brought out after I called the number on the sign.

The Verdict: In my opinion they are both helpful services however based on cost, friendliness and the availability of my items I would say Walmart wins this battle. Please comment and let me know your thoughts on the service? Would you use is?


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